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News from 11.03.2021

VIVO announces EU GMP certification

NAPANEE, ON , March 11, 2021 / CNW / - VIVO Cannabis Inc. (TSX: VIVO ) (OTCQX: VVCIF) (" VIVO " or the " Company ") announced today that its Vanluven facility in Napanee Ontario has received EU GMP Certification of European Union (Good Manufacturing Practices) from the Brandenburg Health Authority, Provincial Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health (" LAVG "). The certification takes immediate effect and allows VIVO, through its subsidiary ABcann Medicinals, to export products for sale in European and other markets for which products must be manufactured according to strict GMP standards.

At the same time, VIVO's German subsidiary Beacon Medical Germany GmbH received an import license from the agency to import Napanee medicinal cannabis flowers into Germany and the EU.

Source: Newswire

Medical cannabis

Beacon Medical has all necessary permits to import and distribute medical cannabis, the wholesale permit according to § 52a AMG, GMP / GDP certificate, narcotics permit according to §3 BtMG, import permit according to § 72 AMG. We import and distribute medical cannabis with the highest reliability. We offer doctors, pharmacists and patients quick orientation, forward-looking therapy solutions and first-class service.

We are Beacon Medical Germany.

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